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    Although my focus has been collecting older baseball and football cards, I confess a weakness for the newer stuff.  I'm one of those guys that collected Topps his entire life, but when Upper Deck first appeared in 1989 I got interested in the shinier stuff.  Over the years, I have also taken a liking to Fleer Flair, Fleer Ultra, Topps Chrome and Topps Stadium Club. A big help in this quest are my friends in OBC, a group of guys that collect cards for the love of baseball and collecting.

   With my older collection, I actually prefer the cards to be as well-loved as possible.  However, since newer stuff is so easy to find in nice shape, I would like to obtain these in the best condition possible.

   Thanks for looking over my wantlist!  Cards in red are pending acquisition

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Last updated May 6, 2016

    F L E E R    U L T R A    B A S E
2007 244 (Leonard) 249 (Tate) 258 (Carriker)
    F L E E R    U L T R A    G O L D
Eddie Kennison 1998 410 (Wistrom)
Torry Holt 2005 40 (Bruce) 114 (Holt) 149 (Jackson)
2007 96 (Hall) 102 (McMichael) 178 (Hill) 179 (Bruce) 180 (Bulger) 183 (Bennett) 244 (Leonard) 249 (Tate) 258 (Carriker)

F L E E R    U L T R A    P L A T I N U M
Isaac Bruce 1998 228 (Heyward)
    T O P P S    T U R K E Y    R E D    R A M S
Mark Bulger  grey
2005 249 (Faulk)
2006 213 (Hill) 215 (Klopfenstein)
Torry Holt  red
2006 241 (Bulger)
Ryan Fitzpatrick  white
2005 276 (Archuleta)
Marshall Faulk black
2005 34 (Curtis) 35 (Jackson) 72 (Bulger) 174 (Holt) 202 (Fitzpatrick)
2006 29 (Curtis) 112 (Jackson) 130 (Bruce) 241 (Bulger)
Isaac Bruce gold
2006 29 (Curtis) 213 (Hill)